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The Choice Is Up To Us


I Am Life (at O.U.R. EcoVillage)

Earth Child (Peru)



Bloom (Robin Liepman) is an Earth Activist musician, a new paradigm pollinator, and a bright budding beam of luminosity dedicated to dream-weaving, co-creating and pollinating a vibrant world that is thriving, equitable, regenerative, and harmonious.


Bloom was born from the warm coastal womb of central California in San Luis Obispo, educated by the fairies and tree people at the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science, (and a special focus on life, the universe and everything,) and initiated into the intergalactic mystery-school alliance of world-changers during his six months of travel through Central America, a year of transformational festival participation, and a spiritual pilgrimage through Peru and Bolivia. Emerging with a strengthened sense of life path and purpose, Bloom re-visited Costa Rica where he met his partner in rhyme and lover, Anahata, and then flew to Vancouver Island for the Permaculture Design Course/Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and friends. He is a co-founder, co-organizer, and co-creator of the "Blooming Biodiversity" permaculture tour (www.BloomingBiodiversity.org), which in the Fall of 2015, toured the North American West Coast with a team called “Solutionary Productions." It was a journey of healing the land and building community through holistic integrative permaculture activations worldwide. The tour has taken him to Hawaii, Peru, where he was planting gardens and working with Shipibo children through the Arkana Alliance organization, and on to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.  


Bloom is a free spirit and can often be found free styling and generating group singing experiences around the sacred fire. He is dedicated to co-creating solutions to global challenges, and actively actualizing avenues for vibrant existence to unfold.


About the Earth Child Album

A special thanks to my sponsors: 
In loving memory of Joan Liepman, who helped support this album's creation, and with deep gratitude to Robert Raich for sponsoring this album and sending constant encouragement! 

Album Credits: 
Song writing, vocals, guitar, vocal harmonies, piano, cajon and art by Robin Matthew Liepman (Bloom). 

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Donny Regalmuto at the Maui Music Mansion with support from Heather Salmon 

Strings Recorded by: Vince Cimo & Dan Francesco Cimo at the Speak Studios, Tyson Montgomery Leonard at the TROPO studio (www.Tropolive.com), and Jacob Peter Woehrle & Nathan Zak at the Panga Studio (www.pangamusic.com

Supporting Singers: 
Anna Combi (Anahata)  www.bloominganahata.org 
Wendy Liepman  www.bobwendy.com 

Supporting Musicians: 
Cello: Bob Liepman  www.bobwendy.com 
Violin: Tyson Montgomery Leonard  www.Tropolive.com 
Violin: Dan Francesco Cimo 
Violin: Sal Garza 
Percussion: Robert Ervin  www.THEHEARTIFACT.com 

Bandcamp Webpage Background Painting by Juan Carlos Taminchi 

Album design by Robin Matthew Liepman (Bloom) and Anna Combi (Anahata)

VIDEOS of Bloom

"Only Love" at Big Falls, San Luis Obispo County, CA 2017
"Calling Us Back Home" at Singing Alive, Salem, Oregon 2016
"I Am Life" above the Pisac Ruins in the Sacred Valley of Peru
Earth Child in the Sacred Valley with Anahata, Keegan, and Quechua Children
"I Am Life" at the Big Surreal festival in Big Surreal, California with Anahata
Singing songs on a boat on Lake Titicaca, heading to Copacabana from Isla Del Sol
The original channeling of the song "Blooming" in Oakland, California